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What Makes us Unique

JFF (Jannah's Family & Friends) is a edutainment studio that produces Islamic educational materials (songs, books, cartoons..etc) for young kids.

Their production studio incorporates both traditional, and western elements in their books and nasheeds for their target audience. Connecting our kids with an Islamic identity and values is the main objective of JFF

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Introducing Our Team Members

Abu Jannah
Co-Founder & Writer
Co-Founder, Social Media & PR
Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Jason Gowrie
Editor in Chief
Ahmed Kamel
Head of Animation
Ilyas Mao
Producer & Signer
Dr. Mustafa Khattab
Religious Advisor
Soumbal Qureshi
Storyboard Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

What age are your nasheeds for?downArrow
Honestly, our nasheeds are for everyone who likes them. However, when we began creating these nasheeds we had children ages 10 and younger in mind for our nasheeds. However, often- times, we understand as parents ourselves we have to listen to these nasheeds as well. It was with this in mind that we tried to do our best to make the nasheeds appealing to parents by creating nasheeds with a less traditional style.
Do you use instruments to create your nasheeds?downArrow
No. When we set out on this journey to create engaging nasheeds we wanted to make sure that we felt comfortable that these nasheeds would be permissible. In result, after discovery Ilyas Mao and how we uses vocals only for his “beats” we didn't hesitate to begin the journey of making nasheeds for Muslim children. It was this discovery, as well as with the consultation of a few trusted mashayakh, we said bismillah and began to make our nasheeds a reality.
Do you make childrens books as well?downArrow
Yes. We create children’s books for Muslim children ages 10 or younger. Our books will focus on different aspects of our religion whether that be rituals, developing the mindset of a Muslim, and other topics which inspire and empower our little Muslim to feel confident in being Muslim.
Do you sell ebooks or paperbacks?downArrow
Both. Due to the different needs of our community, our books will be available electronically (ebooks) as well as physically (paperbacks).
How do I read an ebook?downArrow
You can read an ebook on any one of your mobile devices (i.e. cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) or a kindle (or similar device). If for some reason you can't read the ebook you might have to download an e-reader on your device (although many devices are made with an e-reader).
What are your weekly parent discussions about?downArrow
We discuss issues that Muslim parents have raising their Muslim children in environments and cultures that are not always conducive to protecting their imaan. Issues include ideologies which affect our daily lives as well as issues pertaining to school. In the end, we resort to the teachings of our religion to answer the challenges of these days. We hope to create a community for Muslim parents to discuss these issues together where we all learn from eachother.