How it all Began!

First of all, we are a family of 5, myself (Hanan), my husband (Abdul Malik), and our 3 children, Jannah, Abdusalaam, and Asiya. Our journey began several years ago when our daughter Jannah began Junior kindergarten. Jannah, a notorious sleepy-head, and despite being very excited to begin school, had a difficult time waking up. My husband, determined to get Jannah up and ready for school pulled out all the stops. He would pick her up and pretend to give her an airplane ride, give her a few extra minutes of shut-eye, and sing songs he would make up. One of the songs happened to be “It’s time for Schule (school- in Kiswahili)”. Soon enough Jannah was inspired to wake up for school and life went on. My husband, not thinking anything of it, carried on singing these songs to Jannah. One day a friend of ours shared a video of a nasheed artist, Ilyas Mao. Malik realized that Ilyas didn’t use instruments and only used his voice for the “beats/music”. It was then that the idea came to Malik to begin to write nasheed’s for Muslim children. After some consultation with a few mashaykh we trusted, we started to embark on the creation of Jannah's Family and Friends.

What is Jannah's Family and Friends?

Jannah's Family and Friends is an animated series based loosely on the lives of our family and Friends. Not only do we produce animated nasheed’s but also books for the hope of inspiring little Muslims and encouraging them to feel proud to be Muslim. We strive to create content that teaches little Muslims and their families the proper perspective of Muslims with regards to the many issues Muslims encounter in the modern world. Also, we hope to educate little Muslims regarding some of the rituals of Islam as well as their relationship with Allah Subhaana wa t’Alaa and our last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). We also provide discussions involving the many issues surrounding raising Muslim children in the modern world. These discussions involve assisting parents on how to confront the many foreign ideologies which creep into the minds of our children. Please subscribe to our Youtube page, and Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.